Trailer Impressions: Shenmue 3 Gameplay Trailer – PC Gaming Show 2019

Shenmue 3 Gameplay Trailer - PC Gaming Show 2019


Developer: YS Net, Neilo
Publisher: Deep Silver
Release Date: November 19, 2019
Platforms: PC and PS4

GameReviewPad gives their thoughts on the Shenmue 3 Gameplay Trailer – PC Gaming Show 2019.


Louis Hughes says:

After years of delays and a recent delay by a few months, Shenmue 3 is almost here. The visuals I feel have improved since gameplay was first shown a few years back. With the help of Unreal Engine 4, this game has more of an upgraded smoother look from the Dreamcast games. The combat looks to be the same, as well as the feature that became a staple in gaming (for better or worse), Quick Time Events.

Now that we have a release date of November 19 (for now), I can finally continue the saga that I’ve waited seventeen years for. Wow! I’ve waited that long!? Unfortunately, the headline of the announcement came with the game being released for PC via the Epic Games Store instead of Steam due to Deep Silver stating that all PC games will be released through there. The reaction to this is mostly negative from the Kickstarter backers, as they are not allowed to get refunds for wanting it on Steam instead of the Epic Games Store.

Andre Calvert says:

After watching this trailer I wasn’t too impressed, as it didn’t show much of any gameplay. Shenmue 3 has been a hyped game for what seems like an eternity now and this trailer is just really subpar in terms to pulling people in. This was one of the more underwhelming trailers shown during the PC Gaming Showcase at E3 2019. I hope to see more of Shenmue 3 in the future, but I am starting to get bad vibes about this game, like it may be entering Mighty No. 9 territory of disappointment. The handling of kickstarter backers upset about the Epic Games Store does the game no favors either. Hoping for brighter days ahead.

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