Trailer Impressions: Shift Quantum – Official Gameplay

Shift Quantum - Official Gameplay Trailer

Release Date: PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch
Platforms: May 30, 2018

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Andre Calvert says:

Somehow I just recently discovered Shift Quantum, a black and white puzzle game that involves rotating the level, but even more interestingly, platforming! This gameplay trailer provides a cool glimpse of how puzzles will be solved, by pushing  blocks and platforming over obstacles like spikes. I have never seen this platforming concept within a puzzle game, along with blending in the walls with black or white, and on top of that, rotating the whole damn level! The game boasts 100 unique levels and I am very curious to see how Shift Quantum will make my brain hurt.

The other major thing about Shift Quantum shown in the trailer is the level editor. Yes, you can create levels and share them across ALL platforms! This is huge, as I don’t know a game off the top of my head that interacts between all platforms. There is a story within the game, but it is unclear from the trailer. I usually play puzzle games for the puzzles and not the story, but then you have Portal and Portal 2, so ya never know what a puzzle story might bring! There doesn’t seem to be a ton of publicity behind this game, but Fishing Cactus has a gem on its hands that I think puzzle game fans will be attracted to, because I know I am!

Shift Quantum


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