Trailer Impressions: The Sigma Theory Teaser, Gameplay Teaser

Sigma Theory Teaser, Gameplay Teaser Trailer

Release Date: 2018
Platforms: PC, iOS, Android

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Andre Calvert says:

The Sigma Theory is a game that has me so excited to play because of the theme, but the credit goes to that great teaser trailer. Not only is the animation good, but the voice acting is very catchy to go along with the sound. I never played any previous games by Mi-Clos Studio, so when I found this my eyes and ears perked up. Both of these trailers aren’t amazing as far as displaying gameplay, but the quick gameplay trailer shows actions a player can take with potential consequences.

The Sigma Theory, a game designed around the navigation of a Cold War with the player calling the shots has potential to really create interesting scenarios and results, if done right. Mi-Clos Studio, a developer I had not heard of until finding this trailer, seems really dedicated to creating a game full of choices so every player can have their own unique experience. If that can be pulled off with success then there is no doubt in my mind The Sigma Theory can be a potential sleeper hit of 2018. Have you seen the trailers? Recruit your own spies, decide on attacks, and the ability to create your own diplomatic legacy is something I’ve been waiting for in gaming for a long time. Once again, an amazing cinematic trailer that should not be overlooked.  

The Sigma Theory

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