Trailer Impressions: SNES Classic Edition Features Trailer

SNES Classic Edition Features Trailer

Release Date: September 29, 2017

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Louis Hughes says:

For those too young to remember the 90s, Nintendo’s got you covered. While the trailer showcased the same features as the NES classic, it added some radical features, with the coolest being the inclusion of Star Fox 2. Everything about this ad was perfect from the bodacious music, to the ‘in your face’ text, playing video games in the dark. They even added the yellow tear which would usually say “Only on Nintendo.” The only thing to bring it down is the monotone narrator. Maybe it was intentional, but I remember most of the “Play it Loud” ads with the narrator being loud and over the top.

While the NES is what got me into gaming, it was the SNES that made me love video games. To this day, I consider the SNES to be not only the best Nintendo system, but the best video game console. Now if you excuse me, I have to finish my survival kit, as I venture out to get one on launch since the pre-order route was gone in a flash.

Andre Calvert says:

During the 90s I was a Sega Genesis owner, so I was only able to play the SNES at friend’s houses. I wanted to get the NES classic, but the SNES classic peaks my interest mostly for this reason, but the SNES classic has a great lineup of games that are widely considered the best in gaming. Yes there were always nefarious ways to get me to play these, but playing ‘unoffically’ just isn’t the same thing. I can’t say I am pleased with how Nintendo has handled the release of both the NES Classic and SNES Classic, but it looks like they are finally realizing that these retro releases equal money.

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