Trailer Impressions: Solo: an introspective puzzle adventure – Official Teaser

Solo: an introspective puzzle adventure - Official Teaser

Release Date: April 26, 2018
Platforms: PC

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Andre Calvert says:

Solo is a game that didn’t hit my radar until very recently, but this trailer is the biggest reason I am interested in this. Yes, this trailer is fairly basic, but the emotional sound associated with the video on the screen helps convey to me that this will be an emotional journey. I did notice a camera mechanic in the trailer, so I am a bit intrigued to see how that is incorporated into the game. There are many questions floated in the trailer, like “Do you think love is unlearned? Or is it taught?”, and I am not sure if there will be choices in the game, or whether these questions are just there for dramatic effect.

The graphic style of the game looks fairly simple, which I am fine with, as this game is going to force the player to focus on words and story to drive the experience. I am of the belief that the flashier the graphics a game has, the greater the chance the player gets hung up on how the game looks to overshadow their opinion or judgement of the gameplay. The trailer music in this is a bit depressing, like it’s a tragic story, but I hope I’m wrong. I am very much looking forward to Solo and hope it is a memorable experience that just doesn’t sail by.

Solo: an introspective puzzle adventure

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