Trailer Impressions: Sonic Boom Fire & Ice Announcement

Sonic Boom Fire & Ice Announcment Trailer Impressions

Release Date: TBA

GameReviewPad contributors give their thoughts on the Sonic Boom Fire & Ice Announcement Trailer:

Ryan Carden says:

Another Sonic Boom game… Well should we already grab our pitchforks and take SEGA to the gallows for making a sequel to the “worst Sonic game in history” ? No I say, because you know what, I honestly do not think that the Sonic Boom games were the worst in the series. I have faith in this game because it could possibly be that SEGA actually learned from their mistakes and made a good game. SEGA has always been one to surprise fans with great releases after horrible ones, so hopefully this Sonic game follows that pattern. I don’t think that this game should necessarily judge the sequel of the game. So let’s give this game a chance and not rip it apart before we play it.

Louis Hughes says:

Wow this came out of nowhere. Though I thought Shattered Crystals was okay, it didn’t deserve the hate the game got since it’s based on the show, which I find funny in my opinion. Judging from the trailer, it seems that the game is going for more platform style game. It ain’t broke don’t fix it, mind I noticed exceptionally more boss battles in this game compared to the previous game.

Since the game has a new developer and is in no rush to have the game released in time of the TV series, this shows me that improvements are in line for the sequel. I can see myself giving this game a try to see if new changes are made. The use of fire and ice by different characters can help give some gameplay diversity. I can only hope the backtracking is toned down and the levels get shorten just a bit.

Sean Kromrey says:

After the massive failure that is Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, that was more like a ‘Sonic Bomb,’ we need a Sonic game that harkens back to what we know and have loved for years. It seems like Sanzaru Games is giving us exactly that with Fire and Ice. They are returning to the roots of Sonic as a fast paced platformer, but with enough new elements so that it doesn’t feel like they are backtracking to gain favor. We get the whole Sonic Boom cast again, and in this one you have the addition of Amy to your party, as you can switch on a whim between each individual characters like the 3DS version of Sonic Boom: The Shattered Crystal. This is what we wanted from the Sonic Boom franchise; bringing back the blue hedgehog to 2D platforming greatness as we once remembered him to be.

These new fire and ice mechanics certainly seem interesting and could certainly give quite a bit of depth, almost reminding me of Guacamelee’s mechanic of switching between the realm of the dead and the living. I’m predicting big things from this new Sonic game, and I know the Sanzaru Games can deliver to us a great game with the blue hedgehog.

Andre Calvert says:

Hasn’t the this poor hedgehog been through enough? When it comes to new Sonic games, I admit, I’m extremely cynical towards them because how can I not be? I want to have that feeling I had playing the first Sonic The Hedgehog games, but I’m not sure if that can ever be achieved again. Adding Fire & Ice seems intriguing, but the whole “Fire & Ice” thing seems more like a gimmick than a solution. The trailer promotes the use of some character named Amy, but I think this is exactly why the Sonic franchise is in the position it’s in. Who cares?! New characters? The Sonic franchise has had a hard enough time just managing the original characters into a new great modern game.

Although I do feel a little bad that I am not giving this game the benefit of the doubt or a clean slate, I can’t, given all the previous Sonic debacles. Sonic has been around since the early 1990’s, and if in the year 2015 there is still trouble managing the Sonic franchise then that’s not a good sign! It should be a major concern that that there is a quick turnaround from the previous Sonic Boom games at the end of 2014, with Sonic Boom Fire & Ice slated to be released around Christmas 2015. That’s usually never a good sign in terms of quality and meaningful changes in gameplay.

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