Trailer Impressions: STAY – Announcement

STAY - Announcement Trailer

Release Date: May 16, 2018 (PC, Mac) May 30 (Xbox One)
Platforms: PC, Mac, Xbox One

GameReviewPad gives their thoughts on the STAY – Announcement Trailer – PC, Xbox One, + Mac.


Andre Calvert says:

STAY is a game that has sold me completely from this trailer as a must play. I don’t know why, but mysteries involving being trapped inside a room trying to find a way out of a room always seem to appeal to me. I can’t explain why. STAY is about an abducted man trapped inside of a room with only a computer to communicate. The trailer itself shows the game with pixel-art graphics, which isn’t a bad thing. What really sells the mysterious atmosphere in the trailer is the music, which sounds like a slight remix of the 28 Days Later theme.

The trailer also shows communication using a computer, which I hope and expect isn’t linear. The possibilities are endless for this type of setup for a game. The game does boast multiple endings, so I think that will add some flavor to this game. The developer, Appnormals Team, has the chance to make STAY a true indie gem of 2018 if it can deliver. I look forward to it.


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