Trailer Impressions: The Pedestrian – Official Release Date

The Pedestrian - Official Release Date Trailer

Developer: Skookum Arts
Publisher: Skookum Arts
Release Date: January 29, 2020
Platforms: PC
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Andre Calvert’s thoughts on the The Pedestrian – Official Release Date Trailer:

I’ve been following the development of The Pedestrian for many months and to see a release date trailer ready for release warms my heart because The Pedestrian had been circled as a ‘must play’ puzzle game for me. First of all, the music in this trailer is beautiful and goes well with the presentation and art direction of the game. The concept of using street signs as puzzle pieces and environments with the use of the generic stick figure we see on signs everyday is really incredibly unique. The trailer does a good job of showing the interaction between the player and the game, where players will have to move around signs and connect pieces to find the correct path. It’s impossible at first glance for me to see how difficult the game will be, but what I do know is just by looking at it Skookum Arts did a great job of getting any one intrigued, especially a puzzle gamer like myself.

I can’t wait to play The Pedestrian now that the game is upon us soon!

The Pedestrian


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