Trailer Impressions: We. The Revolution Gameplay

We. The Revolution Gameplay


Developer: Polyslash
Publisher: Klabater
Release Date: March 21, 2019
Platforms: PC
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Andre Calvert says:

This trailer of We. The Revolution has me so hyped and pumped for the game. First of all, the graphics have an interesting style, which grabs attention. I am generally attracted to games with interesting art styles, but I try not to let graphics overwhelm judgment of gameplay. That brings me to the gameplay, which appears to be incredibly unique and also gruesome. The game is set in the Paris, 1794, during the French Revolution, with you as a judge. The gameplay features many decisions you have to make as a judge in cases, which can affect the revolution and shape the gameplay. The choices you can make in We. The Revolution make this gameplay incredibly appealing, especially for people who are into politics like me.

The gameplay trailer shows many choice trees and avenues a player can choose from, as well as deciding verdicts and punishment. The game description on Steam says they don’t show beheadings, but you can see the reaction of people, which you can sort of see how that is done in this trailer. The great thing about storytelling in gaming is you don’t need full animation show emotion, but with good graphics, short animations, and sound effects, it can do volumes in setting the tone. I can’t wait to play this game, as it seems like a truly unique experience. We’ve seen games where you play as attorneys, but few have you playing as the actual judge. If I wasn’t sold before on this game, this trailer sealed my desire for it.

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