Trailer Impressions: WWE 2K Battlegrounds Teaser


Trailer Impressions: WWE 2K Battlegrounds Teaser

WWE 2K Battlegrounds

Release Date: Fall 2020


Louis Hughes’ thoughts on the Trailer Name:

After the embarrassment of WWE 2K20, to no one’s surprise, WWE decided to cancel WWE 2K21 to give developers time to start over from scratch. With that, people were wondering if this would be the first time WWE will be without a seasonal game on consoles. Not long after the news, 2K announced on social media about news for the next game. The game is announced as WWE 2K Battlegrounds, coming to consoles in the fall.

While the trailer is short, it gives enough information to let you know that this is a side game and will go the arcade route of the underrated WWE All-Stars. The trailer reaction was mostly negative due to the cartoony look, but I welcomed it. This was the same response WWE All-Stars received with their over the top the designs, but in the end, the game was fun and easy to pick up and play. Judging from the gameplay, it looks to not take itself seriously and I can proudly say I’m looking forward to playing this.

My only worry is this is being developed by Saber Interactive, the same team that made NBA 2K Playgrounds 2. While I thought the gameplay was decent and fun, I was taken out by the grind of unlocking players (current and legendary). By using the pay-to-win method if grinding isn’t your thing. Hopefully, that feature will not be in this game because I’m sure WWE wants to be in good graces with their fans. That, and they will finally get competition from AEW and whatever Yuke’s is working on.

Oh, and also. Congratulations, Becky and Seth!



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