Trailer Impressions: Xbox Series S – World Premiere Reveal


Trailer Impressions: Xbox Series S – World Premiere Reveal Trailer

Louis Hughes thoughts on the Xbox Series S – World Premiere Reveal Trailer

After the heavily praised reveal of the PlayStation 5 and the mixed reaction to the Xbox Series X Games Showcase, many were expecting Microsoft to announce the rumored “Lockhart” to combat the PS5 Digital Console. With only two months till release, neither have batted an eye in the game of chicken. Well, someone said enough, and decided to leak the announcement trailer, and with that, Microsoft has now officially given details on the Xbox Series S.

Yes, the console will be their digital version of the Series X, but unlike the PS5 Digital console the Series S will have half the power of the Series X, but will still boost impressive features. While not announced in the trailer, in the description it stated that the console will be released on November 10 for $299. As of this writing, the price and date for the Series X have not been released, officially. The same source that leaked the trailer, stated that the Series X will be released on the same day with a $499 price.

Update: Not too long after I finished writing my thoughts, Microsoft confirmed that the Series X will be $499 and launch on the same day as the Series S.

On my livestream with Andre, I thought the Series S would be $349, while the Series X would be $549. Glad to know I was off, but I do feel this puts PlayStation in an interesting bind. I agree with most who are now saying the PS5 Digital will be $399, while the PS5 will be $499 as well. However, I could see Sony giving the edge by making the PS5 go for $449. Also, I can already see Microsoft doing a price drop on the Xbox One S (Xbox One X and Xbox One Digital has been discontinued) from its current $299 to $249. But, if Microsoft really wants the Xbox One S to sell, they have to drop it to the impulse buy of $199. If not soon then by Black Friday weekend.

I had hopes of getting the Xbox One X to replace my original Xbox One. Since its discontinued, I had my eyes on the Series S, but the console is digital with 512 GB SSD storage. I may just wait and replace it with the Xbox One S.

Xbox Series S Reveal



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