Trailer Impressons: Fire Pro Wrestling World Overview

Fire Pro Wrestling World Overview Trailer

Release Date: August 28, 2018
Platforms: PS4

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Louis Hughes says:

Back when the announcement trailer was launched, Andre and I did our trailer impressions and I discussed how awesome this series is coming stateside. While I’ve heard good things from the PC version with additional updates and features, I feel they will be removed in the Playstation 4 version. For example, the ability to import MP3 files for entrance music. It’s almost been a year since the game launched on PC, and because of no news on when the PS4 version would be released I forgot this game was coming to PS4. From my WWE 2K18 review, I felt I’ve reached the limit with the series and as a blessing in disguise, not too long after 2K announced AJ Styles as the cover person for WWE 2K19 this trailer drops. Sorry, but not even the Phenomenal One can save that franchise.

This trailer went with the in your face 90s text with rock music, while going over the hundreds of customization. The big moment that was announced on PC is also coming with the PS4 version of wrestlers from NJPW (New Japan Pro Wrestling), with more to be added later. I feel this will be my saving grace from WWE 2K18 and will not pick up WWE 2K19. With online sharing available, I’ll be able to have wrestlers from NJPW, WWE, ROH, among others. In case you’re wondering why the current IWPG Champ, Kenny Omega, is covered in feathers that is explained in the following trailer. Overall, seeing the release date for the PS4 version has me hyped, which is something since the last wrestling game I got excited for was WWE Day of Reckoning 2.

Fire Pro Wrestling World

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