GameReviewPad Transitioning to Newsletter Format


GameReviewPad Transitioning to Newsletter Format

After many years with this website as the primary location for GameReviewPad, I’ve decided the the best course of action is to transition to a newsletter format. This isn’t for any one reason alone, but due to a culmination of things:

I Like Text

One of the major drawbacks and pluses of this website is the easy-to-read text layout. On on hand, it’s outdated with very few bells and whistles, but on the other hand, it’s a mostly clean text layout that I like and others have found to like. This type of writing format fits well in a newsletter, as well as the digests and roundups I like to write.

More Personal

One of the things I like about newsletters is they allow a more personal connection between the writer and the reader. I struggled with this website in trying to find the best way to publish personal stories and opinions along with all the general content I want to cover. I’m very particular about what I want here and what I don’t want, and some things would just look out of place. With a newsletter, it can include both and make sense at the same time because the format allows that closer relationship.

Newsletter Desire Has Always Existed

I’ve always wanted a newsletter for the site regardless, but years ago I just could not get it to work right with the host and spam filters as a self-hosted newsletter. A lot of people don’t know how to difficult it is to host your own newsletter. It’s actually a pain and annoying to deal with all of the self-hosting e-mail hurdles in place in the year 2021. People who sneer at newsletter hosted companies don’t understand just how difficult it is to self-host one in this day and age..


Unfortunately, monetizing this website has not been easy and no monetization deals have come through despite being close sometimes. Adding monetization to a newsletter is much easier. Not Going Away!

One of the things I want to stress is that this website will not be going away.

Full length reviews and ALL PRESS KEY PROVIDED CONTENT will continue to be published on this website in full until the newsletter has developed enough momentum and sign up/subscriber growth to stand for itself.

I am proud of all the work I put into with this website and will not just let this website die.

I still want to use as a supplementary site for the newsletter in the future, but have no specific plans at the moment once everything is written in the newsletter.

As of right now, the plan is to cross-post press key provided content here and into the newsletter. Reviews will be linked back to the full reviews here on

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