Two Point Hospital Review in Progress (PC)

Two Point Hospital Review in Progress (PC)

Two Point Hospital Review in Progress (PC)

Developer: Two Point Studios
Publisher: SEGA

Disclosure: This review is based off of a review copy.

Two Point Hospital, developed by Two Point Studios, is developed by the same people behind Theme Hospital, an old PC game that I never played but heard good things about. In my short time with Two Point Hospital, so far I am remarkably impressed.

Two Point Hospital is a hospital management game that I was slightly intimidated by, because in these types of simulators there is a lot to manage and keep track of in order to be successful. When starting out, you are tasked to build a hospital enterprise in Hogsport, a regional area on a map with several locations. You now start building your first hospital in a tutorial that I found quite useful. The tutorial in Two Point Hospital is very well done, as well as the overall gameplay, which is all objective based and not sandbox. This gives me some guideline of what to work towards, which in a game like this is incredibly useful to avoid distractions.

In Two Point Hospital there are fake illnesses, for example, “Lightheadedness,” where someone has a light bulb as their head and needs to have their head replaced. The game has a lot of humor and one of the great things about this game is that you can zoom in and actually watch everything operate in your hospital, including treating these funny illnesses. This adds a cinematic element to the game that I didn’t think would be quite as enthralling when I first saw the previews, but I always keep finding myself stopping the managing and just watching.

The management elements in Two Point Hospital are well presented and not as cumbersome as I would have expected. You hire employees, give raises, and put the right people in the right places. I would say the UI of this game is probably the most impressive for me because everything is very clear. I am still trying to figure out what certain items placed in the hospital boost what stat or rating, but these are experimental things that you can afford to do and not feel punished. The audio of the game is very good, as there is good music, but also a radio DJ in the background that says some funny stuff.

I still have plenty of hours left to go in my Two Point Hospital experience, as I need delve into the more advanced levels, but from a management standpoint I am thoroughly impressed. The game isn’t perfect, could probably use some better AI in certain areas, but most of my concerns about this game already been alleviated.

I look forward to sharing my full review soon once I am much farther.

Two Point Hospital

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