ANNOUNCEMENT: Andre’s GameReviewPad Website Theme Change in 2023


Andre’s GameReviewPad Theme Change in 2023

Andre's GameReviewPad

GameReviewPad launched in 2014, but I started designing the website in 2013. I settled on this clean and plain-looking design because I wanted the website to emphasize text more than images. I really liked the blue look, and still do, but as the wordpress and plugins functionality got better over the years the website became harder and harder to keep up with and maintain without risking breaking the website as GameReviewPad operations were in full swing. Risking downtime was just too much of a risk.

It’s also not lost on me that a lot of people have always inquired about a possible theme change, but I never felt like the time was right. Still, I would always search for themes that would fit my vision and always come up short. Now in 2022, with GameReviewPad’s newsletter approach, the time is right. I found a theme that I can mold into something that will work very well with the new direction of GameReviewPad as a newsletter. The blue theme will also be maintained to a degree.

As technology has changed, website building in WordPress also changed. I am now locally tinkering, building, and trying to learn the new building blocks of WordPress when my time isn’t consumed with other activities

I hope to have a new theme in 2023 that will continue to emphasize reviews, but also put a greater emphasis on certain specific categories of shorter content to help support the newsletter.

Thanks for your support!

Andre Calvert

Editor-in-Chief of Andre’s GameReviewPad


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