Weekend Weekly Gaming of April 13, 2018


Weekend Weekly Gaming of April 13, 2018

Louis Hughes

Mafia III (Xbox One): My weekend will consist of a game I’ve wanted to play for the story. Having not played the previous games, I know there is a different style to this open world game set in the late 1960s of Louisiana. The developers stated they hold nothing back with how society was/is treating citizens of different backgrounds. That alone intrigues me of how it is handled and stands out from the other “GTA Clones.”

WWE 2K18 (Playstation 4): With WrestleMania weekend finished, I will continue playing WWE Universe mode to remember why what the WWE doing in real life is not what fans want, to some extent. NXT is a different story. I will also play the same matches from this past weekend (including NXT TakeOver) for updated titles and new titles/arenas I can download with the Creative Community.

NBA 2K18 (Switch): Me and the NBA 2K series have an interesting bond. Long story short, the game is mostly right with the outcomes. My team (San Antonio Spurs) barely made the playoffs, so I will have to face off against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the first round, while in the real playoffs they take on the Golden State Warriors. I will say, I’m very impressed with the Switch version of the game.

Andre Calvert

Path of Exile: Beastiary (PC) – I’ll be playing a little more of my Spectral Shield Throw gladiator (82), and try to complete more of my Atlas. Due to having to spread my gaming time out, I haven’t really played much nto the Atlas as much as I am now. I am finishing up Tier 6 maps and it is addicting.

Fire Emblem Heroes (Android) – As always I’m completing daily quests. This weekend a new mode started called Grand Conquests. It is very intriguing, but I don’t know if I’ll spend a lot of time in it. I also recently pulled a five star Eirika (Sacred Memories) as a pity breaker while trying to get the new Reinhardt in the World of Thracia banner, but I’m actually happy about getting this Eirika because she’s not that bad! I’ll be leveling her up.

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