Weekend Weekly Gaming July 29, 2018


Weekend Weekly Gaming July 29, 2018

Louis Hughes

Injustice 2 (XB1): This is the same as last week, only this may be it as I’m getting closer to finishing the story mode. The more I play, the more I wonder if Warner Bros. realized they had a gold mine if they adapted this story in the Justice League movie, but oh well, their loss. At least we still have the animated movies.

Bayonetta (NS): I’m getting farther in the story, while noticing how the control mechanics have improved greatly in the sequel. I also notice how the game had to cut corners on the cutscenes, since Sega didn’t have much faith in the game. I am looking forward to hopefully taking down the frustrating final boss.

Sonic Mania (NS): With the Encore DLC available, I decided to continue where I left off so I can finish the game and give the DLC a playthrough. Even though I bought the Special Edition, I double dipped on Sonic Mania Plus for that sweet reversible Genesis cover and steel art book. I feel this is the first game where I double dipped on a special edition.

Andre Calvert

Fire Emblem Heroes (Android): I’m again doing the bare minimum to keep up in the game, doing Forging Bonds and preparing for the upcoming Grand Conquest. August 2 will be the year and a half anniversary of the game with some new stuff coming in. I look forward to that.

Pool Panic (PC): As I wrap up my playthrough, this is a huge extensive game with plenty replay value. I will continue to revisit this game in the future, as long as the controls are tightened with my options.

Detective Case and Clown Bot in: The Express Killer (PC): I said was going to play this last week, but as alluded to above, Pool Panic took over  most of my gaming time. I look forward to diving into this humorous point-and-click adventure.

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