Weekend Weekly Gaming – July 8, 2018


Weekend Weekly Gaming July 8, 2018

 Andre Calvert

Fire Emblem Heroes (Android) – I’m just spending the bare minimum time keep up with events and logins, as other games are taking up more of my time.

InLine (PC) – I’m playing a bunch more sessions of InLine before I write my full length review. It’s a different take on Tetris that is relaxing, but nothing too special either.

Hexologic (PC) – This is a different take on Sudoku that is relaxing, not too challenging, but has enough of a puzzle element to keep you engaged. I’m finishing up this playthrough for the my full review.

Path of Exile: Incursion (PC) – I’m slowly progressing with my Fire witch, as I have the above games and others to play. I just reached Act 10.

Weekend Weekly Gaming is a weekly report of GameReviewPad contributors discussing what games they will be playing in the upcoming weekend going into the following week.

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