Weekend Weekly Gaming – June 16, 2018


Weekend Weekly Gaming June 16, 2018

Louis Hughes

Forza Horizon 3 (XB1): After the announcement of the sequel coming on October 2, I thought I would get back behind the wheel and try to finish the career. I managed to complete its predecessor’s career and DLC. With life, I feel that my time for ‘100%ing’ games may be dwindling down.

Everybody’s Golf (PS4): The game’s arcade fun controls help me relax as I play career mode. I hope to have more time to play this game, as this has become the new Kirby game for me. As in a game I can relax and not worry about messing up.

Sonic Mania (NS): With E3 done, I was shocked that the upcoming DLC for this game (Sonic Mania Plus) no showed the event. I will be replaying this so I can prepare myself for the DLC next month.

Andre Calvert

Fire Emblem Heroes (Android): A new Tempest Trials event just started so I’ll be keeping up with that. Do to an upcoming busy week of E3 content and the below games, that’s all I’ll be doing with this.

Moonlighter (PC): Wrapping up my playthrough to write the review after a busy week of following E3.

Haimrik (PC): I’ll be working my way through this interesting game with hopes of having the review ready near its release date of June 19.

FOX n FORESTS: This is another game I am wrapping up to have the full review this next week. Another game that E3 coverage has delayed my playing. (Sorry)

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