Weekend Weekly Gaming – June 2, 2018


Weekend Weekly Gaming – June 2, 2018

Louis Hughes

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (PS4): After thinking about it over the weekend, I have decided that I will not trade this in for the upcoming Switch version. The main reason being that the trilogy was born on the PlayStation console so it only feels right. I will be looking forward to finally playing the collection. I have played the first one, but not the sequels.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (NS): While I own the PS2 collector’s edition, this offers more value and includes the arcade ports of twelve games. While most prefer the console versions since they included more content and fixes, I’m fine with taking a trip down memory lane, despite that most of my time playing Street Fighter came from the consoles and not the arcades. This will be the most played game this weekend, with friends looking forward to rekindling rivalries. Plus, we get to see how bad the original Street Fighter is.

Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 + Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 (NS): After the trailer for Mega Man 11 was released announcing an October release, I decided to buy this and Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection the same day. Like Street Fighter, I own the PS2 Anniversary Collection, only difference is that my copy is signed by Keiji Inafune. I will never live that moment down. I’m looking forward to hopefully at least beating one Mega Man game in my gaming lifetime.

Andre Calvert

Shift Quantum (PC): Playing this great puzzle game for the review. An enjoyable puzzle experience with the right touch of difficulty.

Fire Emblem Heroes (Android): Expect to see this on my list forever. A new Voting Gauntlet started this weekend, so I’m keeping up with that. The Tempest Trials is also finishing, so I’m squeezing as many rewards as I can out of that.

Path of Exile: Incursion: The new league started this weekend. Still figuring out the best strategies to building and clearing the temples, but it is challenging and rewarding.

Cultist Simulator (PC): Although my review is up, this is a game that I’ll continue to dabble in from time to time.

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