Weekend Weekly Gaming – June 9, 2018


Weekend Weekly Gaming June 9, 2018

Louis Hughes

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (XB1 via Backwards Compatibility): When “Games with Gold” made this available, I thought to myself how Xbox has delivered with backwards compatibility. Ever since my itching for arcade racing games has resurfaced, having an Xbox Live Gold membership really has its perks. Burnout Revenge was added recently, and now this. I own the PS3 version and put a lot of hours into the game, until the system corrupted itself and had all my saves removed. So, I’m having fun replaying this gem.

Everybody’s Golf (PS4): With E3 around the corner, I find this as my relaxing game, as the arcade golf genre has become niche, somewhat. I still want to give Golf Story a try in the future. From what I’ve played, it’s similar to the Hot Shots Golf franchise I’ve played back in the day. Playing the career mode is fun and nothing to stress out over. So when I get overwhelmed with E3 content, this game will be my zen.

NBA 2K18 (NS): With the NBA Finals coming to a close with the same outcome as last year, this will be my final playthrough of the game before I trade it in. Overall, I was impressed with the Switch version of the game, with its visuals and performance. I may pick up the Switch version of NBA 2K19, since 2K stated they were impressed with the sales. My only gripe came with having to buy a micro SD card to install the game, but I was gonna need that card anyway.

Andre Calvert

Fire Emblem Heroes (Android) –  As always, keeping up with daily login bonuses and leveling up new characters at least up to 20. Now is a bit of a dead time with not many events going on, which is probably a good thing for me.

Path of Exile: Incursion (PC) – Balancing the addiction of playing this new league with the other games I have to play. I am playing an Elementalist fireballer, with Flameblast totem and Firestorm as supplements. So far so good and level 50.

FOX n FORESTS (PC) – Working my way through this for my review. So far enjoying most of it, although it is a bit slow in places.

Moonlighter (PC) – Working my way through this for my review, and this is a lot slower paced than preferred.

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