Weekend Weekly Gaming of May 11, 2018


Weekend Weekly Gaming of May 11, 2018


Andre Calvert

Fire Emblem Heroes (Android) – As always, leveling up characters to level for fodder. I’ve taken up a Nino merge project. My +SPD/-HP Nino is currently *5+4. Gotta get those feathers.

Path of Exile: Flashback (PC)Path of Exile has a flashback league in between Beastiary and Incursion. I need to get to at least level 35 to get a mystery box. Not sure if I will go further due to GameReviewPad obligations.

Louis Hughes

Wizard of Legend (PC) – Focusing on writing the review.

Weekend Weekly Gaming is a weekly report of GameReviewPad contributors discussing what games they will be playing in the upcoming weekend going into the following week.

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