Weekend Weekly Gaming September 2, 2018


Weekend Weekly Gaming September 2, 2018

Louis Hughes

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier (XB1): After playing through 2064: Read Only Memories INTEGRAL, I decided to play Season 3 of the Walking Dead game after learning that the final season is available (Episode 1 as of now). After going through the hassle of hooking up my PS3 to transfer my save data, I will set foot to see what my actions, from mainly the second season, will take me.

Everybody’s Golf (PS4): I’m going through career mode in a relaxing, no stress gameplay of arcade golfing fun.

Andre Calvert

Fire Emblem (Android) – I’m just going through bare minimum right because I am working on other games, but I am keeping up with the Grand Conquest stuff, which is easy to auto-battle.

Two Point Hospital (PC) – I’m really enjoying this game. I’ll be working through the more advanced hospitals to get a more deeper feel of the game. So far I am very encourage by the game.

Graveyard Keeper (PC) – I will continue my way through this game, working towards the  end story goal of the game.

Weekend Weekly Gaming is a weekly report of GameReviewPad contributors discussing what games they will be playing in the upcoming weekend going into the following week.


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