Weekend Weekly Gaming September 30, 2018


Weekend Weekly Gaming September 30, 2018

Andre Calvert

Fire Emblem Heroes (Android)

The Grand Conquest event is finishing up, so I am doing that at the bare minimum speed. I am also slowly clearing out my barracks for more summons and doing every else at the bare minimum to keep up with the game.

Dragalia Lost (Android)

This just released on mobile and I am trying this out. It’s a mobile game by Nintendo that is a ARPG, and surprisingly not that bad. The movement is decent, it runs ok, although hard on the battery, but I am going to try this out as long as I am enjoying it. As a strict Free to Play player, so far in the beginning I don’t feel left behind, which is always a good thing.

Wandersong (PC)

Due tough schedule for me this past week and the game being a bit longer than expected, I am wrapping this up and the review will be up very shortly.  The review will be positive.


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