Yoshi’s Crafted World Review (Switch)



Yoshi’s Crafted World (Switch)

Developer: Good-Feel
Publisher: Nintendo


Review Context: I have played all of the Yoshi’s Island games and still consider Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island to be my favorite. Other Yoshi games have their charm, so to me, each has its own merit.
Date of Playthrough: April 2, 2019



Yoshi’s Woolly World on the Wii U did an amazing job of showing the Yoshi world done in the style of everything done with yarn. Yoshi’s Crafted World amps the cuteness with the world done in something from arts and crafts class in school. What makes the visual even more amazing is that this is the first time a Nintendo company used the Unreal Engine instead of creating their own. I had to remind myself that fact to see how they made a game in the style you didn’t think the Unreal Engine could be capable of. For that, I take my hat off to Good-Feel and the delays were well worth the wait to optimize the engine.


There are multiple controller options with the Joy-Con and Pro Controller. The game does give you options for how to play with a different preset button layout. I made mine similar to the SNES game. They also give you options for how you want to throw your eggs. You can either hold the button and release, or press the button and press again to release. However, for the first time in the Yoshi series, you can aim in the foreground and background. With this new tweak, it took a while for me to get used to aiming besides the usual four directions, but over time it became second nature by adding something new that doesn’t feel forced.

The classic Yoshi moves return, such as the ground stomp, hovering while jumping, and of course, eating enemies and turning them in to eggs (weapons). One change is that unless it’s a Koopa Troopa, Yoshi will instantly eat the enemy instead of holding them in his mouth and having to press down to transform the enemy into an egg. For me, the enemies are too cute to be killed, so I usually spit them out so this new change is unfortunate for me.

Yoshi's Crafted World


Just like Woolly World, Kamek really needs a hobby to himself, as him and Baby Bowser try to steal the Sundream Stone which gives the power to grant anyone’s wish. Forget that the colors of the Stone are similar to another set of stones in a different universe.

This standard side-scroller has a good amount of levels to go thorough in each world. The amount of worlds is double of the SNES classic. The layout of the levels are amazing and cute with each level having a feature that is different. One level may be standard, while another could be underwater. The only problem comes in the collection department.

Each level has you hoping that you collect all the flowers and red coins hidden in each level. Some are obvious, while others take some work. When you complete a level there may be moments where you have to replay the level backwards to find three Poochys, which serves as a hide-and-seek and speed run, as you earn a flower if you complete the task in a certain time frame.

Once that’s done there will be gate asking for a certain number of flowers to open up the next world. While you can skip the optional missions the gate asks you, but as you progressed further in the game, it will ask for more flowers, and if you don’t have enough, you can either go back in the previous levels to find the ones you missed, or take part in the missions. All of missions are fetch quests, but I do like that once you finish the mission, you are asked if you want to end the level. Same goes for if you replay a level to collect missing flowers and coins. In the end, you will end up playing a level almost four times until you actually completed a world.

Yoshi's Crafted World

You also collect coins that can be used to unlock cardboard costumes (all in-game currency) to be used as a shield for an extra hit. Yes, just like the previous game, you can use amiibos to unlock special costumes. Another feature to return is Mellow Mode, if the game becomes too challenging for you it gives more health and wings to fly through the level. You don’t have to go on this adventure alone, as local co-op from Woolly World returns and sadly I didn’t get to try this out, but I’m sure the experience is great, considering the experience I had with co-op in Woolly World.


Most of the familiar sound effects are here and present, from Yoshi to that adorable Poochy the Dog and enemies. The soundtrack is sadly missing the vibe of previous Yoshi games. There are some good gems, my favorite being the underwater theme, but the quality in music is minimal and that is disappointing.


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