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WWE 2K17 Review (Xbox One)

Another year, another WWE 2K series fans are hoping new features would be added, or in a fantasy world, have the series go back to its prime with arcade gameplay. Since this is the only wrestling game around, (sadly) you don’t have much of an option. While modes are added to show they’ve heard the feedback, modes have been removed as well. Is this the year 2K Games gets it right, or will you skip this quicker than a Goldberg match?

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Sunset Overdrive Review (Xbox One)

After the Resistance franchise came to an end people were wondering what Insomniac Games was brewing. While fans knew it would be a new IP, many were not expecting the game to be an Xbox One exclusive. When the trailer was shown at E3 2013, it took jabs at the gaming industry for making too many dark shooters. This game lets people know this shooter will have bright colors and breaks the fourth wall by reminding you this is a video game (PG version). Once the gameplay was shown, some were confused about what type of game it was. Everyone agreed that this was a game that had people debating whether to buy an Xbox One. Is Sunset Overdrive a new IP worth milking, or should we just tell Insomniac Games to give us another Ratchet & Clank game?

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Layers of Fear Review (Xbox One)

The best kind of horror is the type that will worm it’s way into your head. It will make a little nest and start messing with you, making you fear what isn’t there, play tricks with your eyes, and tap into your fears. When it comes to horror games, not many, though a good handful, have accomplished this feat. Layers of Fear is one of these games that will go out of its way to mess with you and make you truly scared without the crippling use of the dreaded jump scare.

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