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DuckTales: Remastered Review (Wii U)

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Ask most people my age about DuckTales and you’ll get different responses. For me the TV series is in my top 5 of my favorite Disney animated series. Most people have this game in their best NES game lists. Staying close to the source material (TV series) though Scrooge’s outfit is a callback to the Carl Banks comics. The many uses of his cane and the outright difficulty of the game stand out, but what stands out the most is the soundtrack. I lost count of how many times I’ve heard people do remixes of the moon level of the game. DuckTales in gaming is right up there with Mario.

The chances of a remake seemed impossible due to Capcom and Disney staying quiet for all these years. So when the trailer was shown at the Penny Arcade Expo in early 2013, I was beyond excited. After learning that WayForward was making the game, my hopes for the game were set at the highest bar. Will DuckTales: Remastered become a found treasure we keep in our money bin? Or will the remake make our life like a hurricane to forget it existed?

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