E3 Trailer Impressions: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Announcement Trailer

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle E3 2017 Announcement Trailer

Release Date: August 29, 2017
Platforms: Nintendo Switch

GameReviewPad gives their thoughts on the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle E3 2017 Announcement Trailer.

Louis Hughes says:

What should’ve been an E3 moment was ruined thanks to leaks, but not all was spoiled. We got to see gameplay of how this crossover works and it exceeded my expectations. It was unknown how the crossover of Mario and Rabbids would work, but this trailer put everyone’s fear to rest and became a surprise hit. The trailer showed how the battle system works with added features such as double team moves. The battle system is similar to X-COM, so I can see the RPG audience interest peak. The Rabbid’s humor meshes well with Mario and company. I liked at the end when Mario just goes along with it, not to mention the trailer having rock music that fits with Nintendo.

It’s no secret that Ubisoft was the only major third party to support the Nintendo Wii U, and with that, they were able to create something new with the Mario IP. Even more so is that I have to keep reminding myself this is not a Nintendo game but a Ubisoft game. I applaud Ubisoft for proving that people need to wait before making a decision.

Andre Calvert says:

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was one of my highlights of E3 2017, partly because it was a surprise for me, but also because it was a reveal of a game that truly scratched any itch I had to maybe buy a Nintendo Switch in the future. I love the fact that this is a strategy game coming to the Nintendo Switch that could introduce a brand new audience to this genre. I am curious to see the level of difficulty this game will have, considering this is a Mario game. I also see this is a huge goldmine for weapon and skin DLCs, as well as for amiibos.


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