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Disclosure: A preview copy of Model Builder was provided for free.

I’ve always been someone that enjoys to build things, but I’ve never built anything in real life that required as much precision and paint like these kinds of professional looking models. This is primarily because of the messy process of painting, gluing, and using different instruments. Model Builder, developed by Moonlit S.A., is a perfect opportunity to sort of get that experience of model building without the mess and everything that goes with it, including having to buy the models.

This is a preview version of Model Builder not available to the public just yet until January 27, 2022, and I was excited to try out this model building experience on a computer. I enjoyed the time I spent with it, but not without a few snags that I hope will be fixed by the time the release version comes. Everything about building a model is presented neatly and generally easy to understand. The game does a really good job of making it easy to select the next part, and even better, they easily snap together. The most difficulty I had was rotating a single part of the model while multiple parts were on the workbench table at once. That’s something I hope and expect will be resolved by release.

Besides building the model, you also have to paint it. The game has different easily selectable brushes and you don’t have to waste time to try finding the color the manual asks for. It’s as easy as clicking the manual to get the color for a specific part, as well as the brush. Where I ran into my most frustrating problem was trying to get the right section of the model part to have the right color I wanted. The manual highlights certain areas you need to complete before the progress bar moves, but I found it difficult to see what it was asking me to click on with the brush. I thought I had done something right, but then it wasn’t the right area and it would mess up colors of the model.

After frustration that I expect to be fixed in the future, I decided to break away from the game until more updates come so I can play a more closer to release version. There is a lot to like about Model Builder, including having a shelf that you can put all your finished models on display.

I will definitely try out Model Builder again before release with an updated report

Model Builder is currently scheduled for release on January 27, 2022.

Game Info

 Model Builder

 Developer: Moonlit S.A.
 Publisher: Green Man Gaming Publishing

Release Date: January 27, 2022
Platforms: PC

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