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Patch this Review: Were any technical issues or glitches mentioned in the review fixed? If that's the case, please provide enough proof that the issue was fixed. The fixes have to be official, not mods.
Patching reviews doesn't remove the original text of an issue mentioned, but a notation will be put at the bottom of the review.


Unanswered Questions: Is there a question you have for the reviewer that wasn't answered in the review? Those questions and answers will be posted at the bottom of the review. Spoiler questions will not be answered publicly, but may be answered privately at the reviewer's discretion if you provide e-mail. Questions to reviewers who are no longer with GameReviewPad obviously wont be honored.


Fact Check: Did the reviewer fudge facts? Please provide enough proof that a factual error was made. Remember, opinions are not facts!

If the review isn't listed yet please write the review name at the top of your submission

If you're submitting a fact check or review patch, please include all the necessary information needed to prove your case.

Please submit your e-mail if you would like a response.

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