Super Crome: Bullet Purgatory Steam Early Access Report


Super Crome: Bullet Purgatory Steam Early Access Report

Super Crome: Bullet Purgatory

Super Crome: Bullet Purgatory
Release Date: TBA
Platforms: PC
Current Status: Steam Early Access
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I just recently played Super Crome: Bullet Purgatory for the first time and I have to admit the game is much better and even more enjoyable than it looks. I was first drawn to the game because of the graphics in the trailer, giving it an old school look with a nice soundtrack. What I did not see coming was the fun gameplay accompanying those wonder graphics.

I booted up the game anticipating a mouse/keyboard control scheme, but the game encourages using a controller, surprisingly. I should note that I am not a major player of the bullet-hell genre, but I’ve been slowly warming myself up to the genre recently. I was impressed by the fluidity of the controls. Everytime I would move with my Xbox wired  controller my ship would move precisely and exactly where I wanted it to be, allowing me to easily weave in and out of bullet sprays. Super Crome has this great quick teleport ability for dodging bullets that I was able to  use with great precision. As said previously, I am not the best player of the genre, but I reached a few levels (waves) past the first boss, which was also an excellent and fair fight. If there was anything that I found a bit confusing it was the power ups and understanding what each thing does to help you before picking them up. The power ups are little green icons that in my endless run only ever increase fire rate and added a double gun. I was planning on playing a little bit of the game to get a taste, but at the end your score of your run in this endless mode is displayed with your rank across Steam and that instantly motivated me to jump back in again to top my score and move up, a feeling I didn’t expect to happen.

Super Crome: Bullet Purgatory is clearly a work in progress in early development and I will definitely continue to dip back in from time to time moving forward.


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