Trailer Impressions: Fallout 4 Official Trailer

Impressions of the Fallout 4 Official Trailer

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GameReviewPad contributors give their thoughts on the Fallout 4 Official Trailer:

Jeremy Kratka says:

War never changes and neither does my love for Fallout! Going off the trailer and the Paul Revere statue, it looks like we are headed towards good old Boston. Everything is looking just like a “next gen” Fallout would look like, but what’s with the dog? Games with companion dogs aren’t too great but it’s Fallout so it has to be. Fallout 4 seems to have more emphasis on story. Time travel or flashback either way should mean a strong focus on story, with the main character being voiced. Why Bethesda? Why did you do this? Now the wait to E3 is even more painful. Fallout 4 quickly shot up to my most anticipated list.

Sean Kromrey says:

I’m not someone who previously was in awe of the Fallout franchise. I tried playing Fallout 3, but I wasn’t as invested and decided to put it on hold never to pick it up again. Now years later, I see this new trailer for Fallout 4 and I have to say I’m half and half on it. While it seems like the world has the same dystopian feel as the last two installments, the feel never grows stale for many. Yet for me, I want to witness a dystopia that is fresh and exciting, not what I’ve seen in many games of the past. The lore needs to be unique and the story extremely immersive for this type of setting. For myself, I feel like the only major difference so far is the dog and that isn’t much, but the detail on the dog is great.

The scenery and backgrounds look gorgeous so far, while the people I would argue, seem like they were from the last generation of consoles or the beta, which seems more likely than the previous. This setting has far more interest to me, probably because of the higher graphical quality and the fact of the grungy town at night giving me a noire type feel to it. Despite my hesitation, I’m hyped for what could be a great immersive experience into a fantastic post-apocalyptic setting.

Andre Calvert says:

I’ve played a little bit of Fallout 3, but not enough to get into the series. I’m always hesitant with trailers designed like this Fallout 4 official trailer because gameplay isn’t shown. Although some of the elements of the trailer seem last gen, I can’t be hung up on that. I’m more concerned with how the gameplay is than the graphics.

The trailer does seem to imply some element of time travel, which would certainly increase my interest in the game if true. The inclusion of the dog doesn’t move me much, but I will praise Bethesda if the dog isn’t just a cheap publicity stunt to get people talking. As I said, I’m not really a Fallout person, but if Fallout 4 turns out to be something much different than the previous installments then I might be intrigued enough to put the time in to play.

Ryan Carden says:

Yes! A long awaited sequel to one of my favorite game series of all time. With it showing off who you are and your new companion, who could not be excited? With the classic music in the background and the story being explained with barely any words, except the famous line “War… War never changes,” who wouldn’t get chills? Although it seems like we are in D.C. still, the outside world looks very different from the last time we saw it.  This just makes the avid Fallout player want to explore the new world and environment even more. The trailer raises questions like, “is the outside world advancing and becoming more organized and ordered?” Only time can answer these questions about the game when more information comes out.

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