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GameReviewPad was created in 2013 and launched in Spring of 2014. It is a non-scoring video game review website, whose goal is to change the way video game reviews are read and provide a greater level of integrity in the review industry. Reviews are provided in a context that no other website currently provides.

In August 2017, GameReviewPad changed its contributor model to a more open model to allow a more wide range of contributors who have different commitment levels to be a part of GameReviewPad. GameReviewPad believes a more ‘open’ contributor policy will encourage more contributors with a diverse range of opinions to have the opportunity to express an opinion that may be unable to be expressed due to a contributor’s commitment level (life) or an opinion that may be frowned upon elsewhere. We welcome everyone.

Reviewer Accountability

Trust between the reviewer and reader is paramount to any successful review medium. GameReviewPad is built on the premise that reviewers should be held accountable for what they publish. Accountability means making sure the facts are right and being credible as a reviewer. GameReviewPad is designed to help develop a relationship between the reader and reviewer over time. There are exceptions, but far too often the actual reviewers are either forgotten, or let off the hook for their reviews. GameReviewPad puts the individual reviewer front and center.

Why No Review Scores?

One of the black clouds hanging over the video game review industry is the number score system. Under the current mainstream system. every game has essentially been reduced to a number. The number system is broken because there is no true standard. What sinks the credibility of the system further is the website that aggregates the mainstream participants does not have a standard number scale every participant must adhere by! This simplistic method of judging games is a major contributing factor in diminishing the quality of discussions about games in general that GameReviewPad will have no part in.

Why No Press Releases?

GameReviewPad will never ‘regurgitate’ press releases in a post just for the sake of posting, but certain ranked contributors may express their opinions on announcements, betas, or any level of progress for a particular game.

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