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Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Review (Xbox 360)

After the crazy ending for Saints Row IV, many wondered where the series can go next. At PAX Prime, it was shown that the game will venture to Hell to save your character, with you playing as fan favorite Johnny Gat or Kenzie Kensington. The reaction was mixed due to the city being half the size of Steelport and not being able to play your character. Are you ready to ride on the highway to hell, or should you ignore this and stay in purgatory?

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WWE 2K14 Review (Xbox 360)

WWE 2K14 Boxart

After the success of WWE ’13 by bringing players back to a time where Monday nights felt special with the Attitude Era mode fans were wondering what would be in store for next year. As WrestleMania was coming in on its 30th anniversary most fans weren’t surprised that WWE 2K14 would have us relive those WrestleMania moments good and bad. With 2K Games being the new publisher after THQ bellied up many had hopes that 2K Games would step up the product. Will you smell what this game is cookin’, or would you give this game two words?

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Saints Row IV Review (Xbox 360)

Saints Row IV Boxart

On April Fools of 2012, Volition stated that the next game to tie people over till Saints Row IV would be an expansion pack called “Enter the Dominatrix” which involves an alien invasion. This was one April Fools gag that most people could see happening and it did for a while.

After cancelling the expansion by including elements into Saints Row IV some fans feel that the game has lost the tone of Saints Row 2 to appease the mainstream, while others feel this is a good move after seeing how crazy Saints Row 3 got. Could Saints Row IV bring back fans of the first two games, or just stick with the over the top game design?

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Killer is Dead Review (Xbox 360)

Killer is Dead

Oh, Suda 51, if there’s a constant in the Universe it’s your obsession with career killers and obtuse plots. Who am I to question it, though? It’s done you pretty well so far, garnering you a steadfast if niche fanbase and a fair share of controversy – and through it publicity – over the last decade. Besides, if there’s any argument to make for repetition of a theme it’s in the refinement it breeds in the right hands, and Killer is Dead definitely finds itself in such hands.

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