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Freedom Planet Review (Wii U)

What was supposed to be another Sonic the Hedgehog fan-made game, Galaxy Trail decided to take some elements of the franchise and create a new IP. While the game has been released on PC for a while, it made its long awaited debut on the Nintendo eShop in late last fall after a small delay. Has Galaxy Trail struck gold with this new idea, or should they risk making a game that Sega would shut down?

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Fast Racing Neo Review (Wii U)

F-Zero has been one of those Nintendo franchises that lies dormant with the occasional easter eggs in other games since the company doesn’t know where to go with it. While fans were clamming for a new F-Zero, Shin’en released Fast Racing League for WiiWare and got praise through word of mouth. Now with Nintendo’s backing by showcasing the game during the E3 edition of the Nintendo Treehouse, buzz has never been higher for this small German company. Can Fast Racing Neo improve on its processor, or will you go back to your rock until Nintendo announces a new F-Zero?

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Super Mario Maker Review (Wii U)

Back when I was young, I was given a sketchbook for my birthday. With that, I drew a lot of sketches back when I had a lot of free time on my hands. One of those sketches would be my own Super Mario level. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who did this. For a long time fans wanted a game where they can create their own levels. While other games have tried, it didn’t have the same feel (unless you played those PC hacks).

To celebrate 30 years of the franchise, Nintendo decided to give the fans what they wanted and have you create Super Mario levels… officially. Will this game help future gamemakers on how to create fun levels, or will you just play the 25th anniversary Super Mario All Stars for Wii?

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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Review (Wii U)

What first started as a minigame in Super Mario 3D World got good praise (from myself included) for being a highlight of the game. At E3 2014, Nintendo announced that it would become a full game. Some were wondering how the game would be in long spurts, as the game was fine in small spurts in Super Mario 3D World. As the game came close to release day it was announced that it would be budget priced, which had many people think twice about picking this game up. Will this treasure be worth looking for, or should it stayed buried?

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Splatoon Review (Wii U)

When Splatoon was announced everyone was a little skeptical about Nintendo trying to put a stake in the online shooter genre. In a 4 vs. 4 versus four-arena match, the goal is to cover the entire arena in ink while trying to hold off the other team who is trying to do the same. It’s a strange concept and it doesn’t follow the style of a ‘typical shooter’ in trying to get the highest kill count or kill death ratio. Somehow it works, bringing a fun fresh breath into a genre that has gotten seemingly stale over the years.

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Hyrule Warriors Review (Wii U)

When the game was revealed at the opening of a Nintendo Direct, many were disappointed to believe that the next game in the Zelda franchise would be a hack ‘n’ slash game. After the game was shown, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata let the fans know that the game is a spin-off while the next true Zelda game is being developed. With the game being made by the Dynasty Warriors team, the feelings were mixed by fans, but when the game was released it was met with mostly praise. Will using Link’s Master Sword in a fast paced game prove to be the difference maker, or will you “listen” to your inner self and wait for the next true Zelda game?

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