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Sunset Overdrive Review (Xbox One)

After the Resistance franchise came to an end people were wondering what Insomniac Games was brewing. While fans knew it would be a new IP, many were not expecting the game to be an Xbox One exclusive. When the trailer was shown at E3 2013, it took jabs at the gaming industry for making too many dark shooters. This game lets people know this shooter will have bright colors and breaks the fourth wall by reminding you this is a video game (PG version). Once the gameplay was shown, some were confused about what type of game it was. Everyone agreed that this was a game that had people debating whether to buy an Xbox One. Is Sunset Overdrive a new IP worth milking, or should we just tell Insomniac Games to give us another Ratchet & Clank game?

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Layers of Fear Review (Xbox One)

The best kind of horror is the type that will worm it’s way into your head. It will make a little nest and start messing with you, making you fear what isn’t there, play tricks with your eyes, and tap into your fears. When it comes to horror games, not many, though a good handful, have accomplished this feat. Layers of Fear is one of these games that will go out of its way to mess with you and make you truly scared without the crippling use of the dreaded jump scare.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider Review (Xbox One)

I absolutely loved the first Tomb Raider reboot; what it lacked in story, characters, and character development, it more than made up for in the gameplay department. Tomb Raider took me on an incredible unforgettable journey and left me begging for a sequel. Fast forward to November 2015, I was very fortunate to buy Rise of The Tomb Raider and play it for an extensive amount of time. So was it everything I was hoping for, or did it fall a wee bit short?

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Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious Review (Xbox One)

Movie tie-ins with videogames have become an interesting topic; movie companies feel they can make a quick buck off of fans of the movie, while the gaming companies have to rush development to release within the movie’s release date. Results are usually not that great, with a few exceptions (LEGO games, James Bond). It only made sense with the latest (should’ve been the last), Fast and Furious movie to give fans a chance to drive modified versions of vehicles we can only dream of, since we don’t have that type of bank account. Forza Horizon 2 was released first last year in late fall for Xbox One and Xbox 360, while the Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious edition (standalone) was released a month prior to the new movie. Will this standalone game let you ride like family, or will you want to crash and burn?

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Halo: The Master Chief Collection Review (Xbox One)


When the Halo: The Master Chief Collection was announced I could not contain my excitement. I remember endless days in high school playing Halo 2 online for hours on end. So to bring that back in all its glory, plus an HD remake of the campaign, and 8 multiplayer maps revamped had me ready to go. Unfortunately, quickly after launching the game I realized this was not the game I wanted it to be.

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Battlefield Hardline Review (Xbox One)

EA’s Battlefield Hardline introduces a fresh spin on the behemoth genre that is first-person shooters. Using the same engine from Battlefield 4 gives Battlefield Hardline a great jumping off point, but also includes some limitations. The game’s campaign acts as a television show, in which each levels are broken up into “episodes”, with each episode including a “previously on” segment, which reminds you what has taken place in the campaign in previous missions. You play as Nick Mendoza, a cop recently promoted to detective. Nick is a straight shooter, looking to end all criminal activity. What he learns is that there are corrupt people on both sides of the law.

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