E3 2016: Hopes and Expectations


What would the fun of E3 be without speculation?

GameReviewPad contributors give their hopes and expectations for E3 2016.



  • The Last Guardian will be shown off in a very thorough demo. It will be given a release date in September 2016 and they will finish off by saying that there is a demo available now.
  • Bethesda will either say nothing about The Elder Scrolls VI, but announce an Oblivion and Skyrim Remaster collection, or they will acknowledge that The Elder Scrolls VI is in development with no information to be given at this time, but confirm the Xbox One version will come with codes for the Xbox 360 versions of Oblivion and Skyrim as a pre-order bonus.
  • Microsoft will announce Halo 6 with a short teaser. This of course coming after a demo of Halo Wars with a November 2016 release date and Halo 6  beta included.
  • Ubisoft will announce a lot of games getting a delay into 2017, with For Honor being their big game of 2016.
  • EA will show off a full demo Battlefield One and announce either Bad Company 2 or Battlefield: 1943 will be included with Xbox One copies of the game.


  • Talks for VR get little time, since I feel that is something that should be demonstrated on the show floor and not at a press event.
  • Getting at least one gaming announcement that wows me and wasn’t leaked.
  • Seeing who will be first to pull the trigger on the new hardware updates. I’m guessing Microsoft will announce the rumored Xbox One Slim (since the current models are $299), while wait till later to announce the updated hardware. It’s long overdue for Sony and Microsoft to announce the discontinuation of the Xbox 360 and PS3 support. This is noticeable, as stores no longer carry the consoles but the games are still there.
  • Speaking of price drops, I expect Nintendo to announce a price drop on the Wii U to $249 since the Xbox One is the same price.
  • Getting excited for a game that is announced and will be available in 2016. Overall, I hope the big three show consumers why you should be thankful for buying their console and what to expect in the future.


  • I hope to hear about Elder Scrolls VI at the Bethesda conference. It’s about time for the first next-gen Elder Scrolls, not including Elder Scrolls Online because…meh.
  • Any information on The Last Guardian. I wanna know that the extra time they’ve put into it has been well utilized.
  • Any information on Kingdom Hearts 3, preferably a semi-concrete release date.
  • Any and all information on For Honor. That game is going to be AMAZING!!!
  • Last year we learned that VR exists. Now it’s time for the big names to start releasing their big VR titles. I wanna see which company is going to present the best VR game idea.


  • Ubisoft needs to pick themselves up, as last year nothing from the conference blew me away besides For Honor. It was a shooter, another Assassin’s Creed, another shooter, Just Dance and I almost forgot another shooter! Yes South Park’s new game will be good as well, but the company hasn’t given us any interesting new IPs, and I really hope they come out swinging this time.
  • Sony needs to start releasing new IPs that will come out before the next E3, as we are still waiting for some of the great titles they released last time. Yes I want the release date for The Last Guardian, but because of the previous conference they have some high hurdles to leap over in the way of new games. Here’s hoping to Sony hitting yet another grand slam, or at least a home run with some interesting new titles coming out this year.
  • Nintendo needs to prove that the new The Legend of Zelda game was well worth the wait. Nothing really to talk about besides this, being one of the only titles truly going in depth into at this E3. Hence this really does need to deliver or people will begin to forget about Nintendo.
  • Kadokawa games is actually doing a conference? So is this actually going to be a thing? Well then my only hope is that they actually put out games worthwhile for them to actually get a conference.
  • Sony needs to release a new Ape Escape game! How long has it been since we have been privy to the original formula and not the crappy rail-shooter? That is one of the games I desperately want just a sequel for a new generation to enjoy or even a collection. Sony knows it still exists as they put Spike in that Playstation All-Stars game and the Ape Escape icon for PS4 profiles.


  • The Playstation Vita was absent from the Sony press conference in E3 2015, so does that mean their big splash this year could be a new handheld? To say the Playstation Vita is “floundering” would be an understatement, and this would make some sense.
  • The new The Legend of Zelda is obviously a major focus for Nintendo this year, but we know a Wii U version and NX version will be made. I want to see screenshot comparisons between the Wii U and NX versions, as well as other information differentiating the two versions. Why buy the NX for it?
  • Nintendo boxed themselves in a corner in terms of Wii U sales with their NX announcement, followed by a delay. I believe the Wii U is in desperate need of a price drop, and needs to go as low as $199 to stay competitive.
  • I definitely want to see less of a focus on VR this year in press conferences, unless VR is integrated in such a cool way to ‘recognizable’ games, not demo-esque games.
  • David Cage (Quantic Dream) is due for a new game.


  • Any new information about Pokemon Sun / Moon.
  • Release date for For Honor.
  • Battlefield One information, such as weapons, vehicles and maps.
  • Pokemon Go release date.
  • A new Crash Bandicoot game announcement.



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