GameReviewPad’s Favorite Puzzle Game of 2019: Baba Is You


GameReviewPad’s Favorite Puzzle Game of 2019
Baba Is You

Favorite Puzzle Game of 2019: Baba Is You

Baba Is You, developed by Hempuli Oy, is my favorite puzzle game of 2019 because of all the unique characteristics it provides using words, but the presentation and progression in the game is also very accommodating. There were many good puzzle games in 2019, but Baba Is You stands out because the difficulty is a perfect balance, in addition to the game having over 200 levels. As the game introduces new concepts for you to solve testing you, the game’s design never makes you want to stop playing and quit it because many tools necessary are included like quick undoing of your moves. Puzzle games always have to reinvent themselves and usually only satisfy that audience, but Baba Is You that can easily be described, sold, played, and enjoyed by anyone from the concept alone. Congratulations to Baba Is You for being my favorite puzzle game of  2019 because 2019 was a good year for puzzle games and Baba Is You lead them all!

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