Good Riddance 2023, Welcome 2024: A New Workflow Beginning (and slight rebranding)


Good Riddance 2023, Welcome 2024:
A New Workflow Beginning (and slight rebranding)


Good Riddance 2023

Lack of Indie Game Coverage/Reviews

First I want to apologize to PR folks and game developers that were most likely overlooked and ignored by me for almost all of 2023. 2023 was an odd year in the sense that most of the games I had interest in were large AAA titles, so they ended up taking most of my gaming time. I can’t think of another year since I started this website where that was the case. So unfortunately, this meant I didn’t take many chances on smaller titles like I normally would.

If you’re someone reading this from a gaming PR company, I’m still here for 2024.

Personal: Health and Tragedy

If you noticed, the last previous post here was July 2023, as well as my last newsletter. Sadly, my uncle died in July, I got very sick in November through early December, and my cat Zelda of 17 years was sick in the fall and eventually diagnosed with cancer, then passed away in late December. The combination of all of that made it very difficult for me to enjoy gaming and also focus on running a newsletter/gaming website.

I’m still grieving, but each day is getting better

Welcome 2024


A Slight Rebranding

I usually like to use Januarys as a time to reflect and think about potential changes for the upcoming year.

As you may have noticed, I rebranded this website and my newsletter to “Andre’s GameReviewPad” for a more personal branding. In 2024, I’m going to extend that by regularly streaming on Twitch:

Dre’s Realm:

I want a more open-ended personal branding for my content that’s more like “Andre’s content network” that doesn’t confine my Twitch channel to just gaming, although it will mostly be gaming.

I will continue to publish my newsletter and review games under the guidelines previously.

Reviews from Review Copies get published here first and linked in the newsletter until further notice.



All my playthroughs and short clips will be posted here.

Any and all instagram content confined to gaming will be posted here


  • All Andre’s Gaming Odds & Ends Newsletter content and Reviews will be posted here.
  • Twitch live notifications
  • Will use this for gaming PR and indie developer communications


  • Retweet Go Live Notifications
  • Shorter opinions of all subjects will be tweeted from here, including gaming.
  • Will use this for streaming communications
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