Louis Hughes’ Direct Opinion: Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase – October 2020


Louis Hughes’ Direct Opinion:

Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase – October 2020

Another morning and with new consoles upon us, Nintendo reminded everyone that they’re still here with another stealth and final Nintendo Partners Direct for 2020.

They started strong with Bravely Default 2 announced for release on 2/26/21 and more information on what changes have been made due to fan feedback. The big surprise, for me, is when they showcased a small sample of No More Heroes III, along with a stealth drop of the first two games available on the Switch.

Another moment that is surprising and has people thinking is the announcement of Hitman III and Control coming to the Switch via cloud service. It’s no secret there have been games on Switch using cloud service for gaming, but they weren’t available in the U.S. Resident Evil 7 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey were the first two. I feel with these upcoming games, (Control is available now) this will give third party companies an option to put a heavy demanding game on the Switch without making sacrifices. Though Panic Button showed with Doom and Wolfenstein II that it can be done on Switch.

The ending to the Direct talked about Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity with a demo announcement. I have yet to play the demo, but I am looking forward that more demos are transferring your save data to the full game to give them more meaning.

This was a nice farewell to the year with these Nintendo Partners Directs.

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