Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed Review (PS3)


Developer: Acquire
Publisher: XSEED Games

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Review Context: I have played beat ’em up games before, and games where genres are mixed in from other games.
Date of Playthrough: November 5, 2014

With a name like Undead & Undressed, a lot of eyebrows were raised at what type of game this is. After the game was released in Japan in 2013 many were hoping for a US release. Thanks to XSEED Games, it was given a US launch. Will this game help you fight the good fight for Akihabara, or should you let the undead stay dressed?


The game has very bright visuals to get the job done, however it does not take full advantage of the system. You are treated to an animated opening to give the feel you are about to watch an anime series. Since the game takes place in the city, you will see lots of repeated character models in the crowd with some fade in. When the action gets intense there are moments when the framerate takes a hit. Please note I played this on Playstation 3, so I’m not sure if this has been fixed on the Playstation 4 version.



The main draw of the game is that it takes place in Akihabara, which is electronics heaven for people who are into video games, anime, and other forms of Japanese geek “otaku” culture. It does a good job of making you feel you’re in a crowded city to the fact you can collect real ads for actual stores. Heck, the Sega Game Center makes an appearance, but you can’t go inside.

The story of the game goes as your character (Nanashi) sees an ad for easy money, only to discover that you should never trust an ad that says easy money. You are saved later and introduced to the combat system which is real time. As you progress in the game you learn that you must strip your opponents because vampire “synthisters” hate light and clothes keeps them safe from the light. However, if they strip you down to your boxers the game is over. You get stronger by buying or earning new clothes and weapons from a computer monitor to my favorite water guns. Side missions come up before the main story, but what makes the side missions fun is that it has scenarios that people who watch anime will get. Not to mention, there is some “harem” thrown in to where you try to impress one of your many female partners to like you for the game to have multiple endings.

If you have no idea what these terms are then you’re in luck, as the game has a glossary so you won’t get lost on otaku terms used in the game.



The game uses two modes; Free run mode and battle mode. While free run mode is basic, the combat mode blends the free run controls to a point where if you are walking in town and you punch someone by mistake you go into battle mode. You have two attacks, jump and counter move. When your opponent is weak, you can use a different button to remove an article of clothing. You press triangle for head, circle for upper body, and X for lower body. You’ll be using the camera (Right analog stick) a lot during battle.


The opening song of the game gets you hyped for what you are about to experience. The game offers a choice of English or Japanese voices. My favorite voice is the main character’s sister (Nana) as she has a nasally, fast speaking voice as I can’t help but laugh every time I hear her. It should be noted when you have the dub option the crowd noise is still in Japanese which is a smart move to give the feel of being in a Japanese city. You also get to hear lots of anime theme songs played over the PA system.

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